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Hello, I'm Emylee

I believe in caffeinated creativity. My words percolate with passion, brew charm, and serve inspiration by the cupful.

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Crafting persuasive narratives that drive action, I'm your go-to for sales copy that doesn't just sell, but tells a story too.


I breathe life into brands, articulating their unique voice, values, and vision through creative and engaging copy.


From engaging blog posts to catchy social media captions, I whip up content that is not just share-worthy, but unforgettable.

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About Emylee Williams

A seasoned word-weaver, I pour my passion into every keystroke. My goal? To brew enticing narratives in the digital and tech spaces, one project at a time. My canvas ranges from blog posts, and social media captions to sales sequences and website copy, and more.

I'm on a quest to find dynamic people and brands who aren't afraid to let me steep a little personality into their copy. Got a project you think could use a shot of creativity? Let's concoct some copy magic together.

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Project Gallery

Here are some of the projects I worked on

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Humble Brags

Fastest Pen in the Midwest

Once wrote a sales page in under 30 minutes that became a hit, selling our $29 product to over 10,000 small business owners - talk about ROI!

Caffeinated Copy Queen

Helped co-found Boss Project, where my words sparked personality, connection, and yup, hundreds of thousands in sales.

Quirky, But it Works

Whether crafting a narrative about pickles, client experience, putting a twist on taco shells, or creating captivating content on team culture, I've got the knack to make any topic engaging.

Reach out if you want to brew something impactful together.

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